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Monderie Bakeshop started as a High School Student’s initiative and passion to feed good food to the local and wider community. Food has and is always one of the many ways through which we come together as families, communities, and individuals and what better way to gather around than with flavorful goods and treats. 


Around here, it’s not about getting the business rolling but about fostering a community that believes in the power of giving back. It’s about cultivating a collective spirit dedicated to uplifting and supporting one another. Our logo, the honeybee, symbolizes our commitment to this collective spirit. Bees, with their industrious nature, work harmoniously to create something sweet and beneficial for all. Similarly, our hive is about creating a space where people join together in the service of others. 


“Make the world sweeter” is not just our slogan; it’s a promise. With your support, we aim to continue our mission of serving and giving back, whether through the funds we receive or by putting a smile on someone’s face. Join us in making every moment a little sweeter and building a community that celebrates the joy of sharing. Together, let’s create a hive of kindness and delectable moments.